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What is Video Intakes?

What are the benefits of using Video Intakes?

Is it possible to customize the questions in a Video Intake

How many questions can i ask in a Video Intake?
Can Video Intakes be used for international hiring?
Can Video Intakes be used to assess diversity and inclusion in hiring?
How long and where are the video answers stored?
Is Video Intakes GDPR compliant?
How does Video Intakes work?
What languages does Video Intakes support?
What features does Video Intakes offer?
Can I also ask the questions in video so it's more engaging to candidates?
Is there a limit to the number of interviews that can be conducted with video intakes?
How does your platform handle scheduling and rescheduling interviews?
Do you offer live video interviews, pre-recorded interviews, or both?
Can we customize the branding and appearance of the interview interface to match our company's branding?
What is your cancellation policy, and are there any long-term commitments required?
Can I see it in action somewhere?
Are there any downsides to using Video Intakes?
Where in my recruitment process can I use Video Intakes?
What types of companies can benefit from using Video Intakes?
What kind of security measures are in place to protect the confidentiality of the Video Intakes?
How does Video Intakes integrate with other HR systems?
Can I control the length of the video answers given by candidates?
How long does it take for candidates to complete a Video Intake?
Can employers share the video answers with other team members or hiring managers?
How can employers ensure that candidates are prepared for a Video Intake?
How much does the use of Video Intakes cost?
How does Video Intakes ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience for both candidates and interviewers?
What pricing plans does Video Intakes offer, and what is included in each?
Is there a way to collaborate on candidate evaluation and feedback with other team members within the platform?
Are your platform and features mobile-friendly for both candidates and interviewers?
How do you handle technical issues or customer support?
How do candidates access and complete on-demand video interviews?
Can I talk to someone about integrating Video Intakes?

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