On demand video interviewing

Giving candidates a way to stand out through a unique intake experience.

On demand video recruitment (cross device)
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Fully integrated

Easily create and send video questions to candidates, then assess the video answers easily within your Applicant tracking system (ATS).

By utilizing on-demand video recruitment, you gain a more precise and honest view of an applicant's character, abilities, and suitability for the job, resulting in better-informed hiring decisions.

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Great user experience
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Fully branded
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Integrated in your ATS
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Transparant pricing
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Convenient for all

Video Intakes enables candidates to interview remotely, avoiding the need for travel and saving time and money for both parties.

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Increased flexiblity

Schedule Video Intakes at a mutually agreeable time, promoting greater flexibility and quickening the selection process.

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Time saving

Video Intakes enables employers to quickly assess potential hires, shortening recruitment time and optimising the assessment process.

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Improved experience

Video Intakes offers a less formal, more engaging way for candidates to demonstrate their personality and communication abilities.

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Increased objectivity

Video Intakes allow an objective selection of a candidate and can be assessed by multiple individuals within the hiring team, mitigating the potential for bias.

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Record keeping

Video Intakes can be recorded and stored for later reference, allowing a record of the response to be used for legal matters or to evaluate the applicant's competency.

In every possible stage

Video Intakes can be an effective assessment tool throughout your recruitment process. You can decide when and how to provide it to applicants.

Video question in an application forms

In your application forms

Allowing all applicants to showcase their personality, motivation and other soft skills, also those with a limited resume.
Video assessment directly after applying

Directly after application

Include a video assessment in your recruitment process, either automatically or manually sent to a selection of candidates
In depth video interviews

In depth interviews

Get a better understanding of the candidate. Give them a case study with multiple questions, or use structured video assessment.
Video answers to enrich candidate presentation

Presentation of candidates

Provide hiring managers and clients with video answers early in the recruitment process to ensure an unbiased selection and hiring decisions.

You're in control

Our advanced video technology integrates seamlessly into any existing recruitment workflow and applicant tracking system (ATS), enabling you to always remain in control of your data and stay GDPR compliant.

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