Video interviewing for the Van Oord traineeship


At Van Oord, a leading international dredging and marine engineering company, the annual traineeship selection process is a crucial event. This year, with the help of Video Intakes, Van Oord has been able to streamline their selection process and save valuable time. In this blog post, we'll dive into Laurette van Gent's experience with our product, and how it has impacted their recruitment process.

Discovering the Product:

Laurette, an HR professional at Van Oord, discovered our product through past experiences. With a need for a user-friendly solution that could connect to their Applicant Tracking System (ATS), she decided to give our product a try.

Challenges Before Using Our Product:

One of the main pain points that Van Oord faced before using our product was the lack of connection between their ATS and other systems. This made it difficult for them to manage their traineeship selection process effectively.

A video pitch is a great way to challenge your candidates creativity

Overcoming Challenges with Our Product:

Our product provided a seamless connection with Van Oord's ATS, allowing them to overcome this previous bottleneck. For this Traineeship Laurette used Video Intakes as a second step in her recruitment process (following a first resume selection). From Van Oord’s ATS she invited 200 candidates in bulk to answer three questions in video:

  • Briefly introduce yourself (what do we need to know about you?)
  • What do you want your impact to be at Van Oord?
  • What can we learn from you?

The use of video combined with a seamless integration in her ATS made it possible for them to review candidates and choose only the best (110) for the next round, saving them an enormous amount of time manually qualifying candidates.

Valuable Features:

Laurette found Video Intakes to be extremely user-friendly, which is a key aspect in ensuring a smooth and successful selection process for potential trainees. With the help of our product, Van Oord has seen significant improvements in their traineeship selection process. Video Intakes has made it easier for them to manage applications and make informed decisions about their candidates before meeting them in person.

Future Goals and Plans:

Van Oord is looking forward to continuing to use our product during their traineeship selection process in the future. The company is confident that our solution will help them maintain their high standards for selecting the best candidates.

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