TUI fly recruits cabin crew with video!

TUI fly, being an attractive employer, daily receives a large number of applications. Especially the cabin crew positions are extremely popular. In order for TUI fly to screen applicants faster, a ‘video apply’ option was added to their recruitment process.

How did they do that?

TUI fly integrated the Video Intakes video technology in their recruitment system in order to give candidates an opportunity to submit a short video in addition to a motivation letter and CV. After applying all candidates received an invitation to record their motivation, simply with a smartphone. All recorded videos were then saved and could be viewed within the candidates profile in the ATS system of TUI fly (Bullhorn/Connexys).


What benefits did video bring?

First of all, it helped TUI fly to filter a large number of applications faster and early in the process. This way unnecessary first acquaintances could be prevented. In addition, video gave a better first impression of the applicant, than a motivation letter and CV alone. Video helped the TUI fly recruiters find the right ​​‘cultural fit’ and gave them an impression of the person behind the CV.

What are the results?

More than 70% of the applicants submitted a video and from the candidates who were invited to the interview, the personality on film matched the personality in real life. The candidates who were hired, were great in their video motivation. This means that video is a great tool to efficiently assess a large number of applications in an early stage of recruitment process.

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