The experiences of De Pooter

Who is De Pooter?

For more than half a century, the in Zeeland based staffing agency De Pooter has recruited personnel for a wide range of sectors. How do they differentiate themselves from all other agencies out there today?

De Pooter believes in a personal approach and using Video Intake’s video technology, they get the chance to meet the person behind the CV, prior to meeting someone face to face. This generates great stories.

To start, a personal video of Vera, a Consultant at De Pooter!

Other consultants at the Pooter also had some interesting experiences to share:

Video is decisive when in doubt!

In one procedure we were very excited about a candidate who actually did not meet all the requirements. Based on this, the client would normally not invite the candidate over for an interview.

That is why we asked the candidate to do a video assignment so that the client could get to know the candidate better. The result was amazing. Shortly after we sent the video the candidate was invited for an interview and accepted the job!

It allows you to already meet the candidate

Due to the enormous pressure at one of the clients, we set up the selection procedure as efficient as possible, with the help of Video Intakes. How? From within our recruitment system (ATS), we sent the candidates an invitation to make a video assignment in which they briefly had to introduce themselves by answering a personal question.

This allowed the client, together with the CV and motivation letter, to “already meet” the candidate in the selection process. Of the three candidates that were presented to the client, one was eventually invited to an interview and this immediately was a match which resulted in a hire! Even better, within six months, the candidate has now been offered a permanent contract!

How does De Pooter use video?

1. Integration into their existing process

Video Intakes is fully integrated in the Applicant Tracking System of De Pooter (Carerix). This gives them various options to use video in their process. From the application, through a pre-selection to the final presentation of candidates to clients.

2. Video application

Candidates have the opportunity to apply via video, in addition to the CV and motivation letter, via the website. This offers them a unique opportunity to introduce themselves to us and our clients and thus be in the spotlight. The video, along with the other data, is stored into the candidate file within the ATS so the Consultant can easily view and share it.

3. Video preselection

From Carerix, the Consultants can also send a video assignment to one or more candidates later in the process. Such an assignment can consist of answering one or several question in video. These video questionnaires are also directly stored in the candidate file to be viewed and if necessary shared.

In some cases they can reuse the videos recorded. If the candidate is not invited to an interview, the Consultant can choose to represent the same video, together with other details of the candidate, to a different client. This way we have a bigger chance of getting the candidate a job, which is a win for all parties involved.

They make this possible by sending out general questions. For example “What was your biggest challenge in the past year?”, this is what makes video so unique according to Vera.

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