On-Demand Video Interviewing vs. Live Video Interviewing


Video interviewing has revolutionized the recruitment process, making it easier for hiring managers to screen candidates, especially in a remote working setting. But with two primary variants – on-demand and live video interviewing – how can you determine which is right for your company? This blog will delve into the specifics of both methods and help you make an informed decision.

Understanding Video Interviewing

Video interviewing involves conducting job interviews digitally, using video technology. It allows recruiters and hiring managers to interact with candidates without physical constraints, thus opening up a much wider talent pool.

The Shift Towards Video Interviewing in Modern Recruitment

The adoption of video interviewing has grown significantly due to its convenience and cost-effectiveness. Its importance has been further amplified by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has necessitated remote hiring practices.

The Basics of On-Demand Video Interviewing

Definition and Overview

On-demand video interviewing, also known as asynchronous video interviewing, allows candidates to record their responses to pre-set questions at a time convenient for them.

How On-Demand Video Interviewing Works

The hiring manager sends interview questions to the candidate, who then records their responses using a webcam or smartphone. These recordings are then reviewed at a later time by the hiring manager or recruitment team.

Benefits of On-Demand Video Interviewing

On-demand video interviewing offers flexibility, allowing candidates to answer questions when they have the time and in an environment suitable for them. It also allows recruiters to review responses multiple times, which can lead to a more thorough evaluation.

Potential Drawbacks of On-Demand Video Interviewing

The downside of on-demand video interviewing is that it lacks the personal touch of a live interaction. There’s no opportunity for spontaneous follow-up questions or for candidates to elaborate further on their answers.

The Basics of Live Video Interviewing

Definition and Overview

Live video interviewing resembles traditional face-to-face interviews but conducted via video conferencing tools such as Skype or Zoom.

How Live Video Interviewing Works

Both the interviewer and interviewee log into a video conferencing platform at an agreed time and hold the interview in real-time.

Benefits of Live Video Interviewing

Live video interviews allow for immediate feedback and clarification, creating a more dynamic and interactive experience. They also allow hiring managers to assess non-verbal cues and communication skills in real-time.

Potential Drawbacks of Live Video Interviewing

Technical glitches may occur during live interviews, causing interruptions. Moreover, scheduling can be tricky when dealing with candidates in different time zones. Last, but not least. It's very time consuming.

Balancing Efficiency and Personal Touch in Modern Recruitment

Comparing On-Demand Video Interviewing and Live Video Interviewing

Flexibility and Scheduling

On-demand interviews offer greater flexibility for both parties but lack the immediacy of live interviews.

Candidate Experience

While on-demand interviews may cause some candidates to feel detached from the process, live interviews can create a more personalised experience.

Technical Requirements

Both methods require stable internet connectivity. However, live interviews may need more robust technology to prevent lagging or disruption.

Assessment Quality

Live interviews allow immediate probing while on-demand interviews allow repeated reviews of responses.

Recruitment Process Speed

On-demand interviews speed up the screening process as multiple candidate responses can be reviewed simultaneously.

Cost Efficiency

Both methods save on travel costs but on-demand interviews reduce scheduling complexities and prevent unnecessary live interviews, thus saving on resources and time.

Suitability in Various Scenarios

When to Use On-Demand Video Interviewing

On-demand video interviewing is ideal when dealing with high volumes of applicants or when recruiting across different time zones.

When to Use Live Video Interviewing

Live video interviewing is best for roles where interpersonal skills are critical or if you’re looking for a more in-depth conversation with a potential candidate.


Making the Right Choice for Your Company

Choosing between on-demand and live video interviewing depends on your company’s needs and resources. Evaluate your hiring goals and consider what would work best for both your team and potential candidates. They can even live next to each other in your recruitment process. Letting live video interviews be the next step for candidates that progress from an on demand video interview

Final Thoughts on Video Interviewing Solutions

Video interviewing has become an indispensable tool in modern recruitment. Whether you opt for on-demand or live video interviewing, embracing this technology can improve your hiring process' efficiency and effectiveness.

Happy Hiring!

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