The impact of video on recruitment, from 15 minutes to 60 seconds

Over the past years, video has become a hot topic. Experts even expect that 82% of all global internet traffic will be in video by the end of 2021. This trend also flows into our daily work lives and affects how we recruit new employees. Besides that, the amount of candidates that use their mobile phone to search for jobs has also grown rapidly. In this customer case we talk to a client that embraced the mobile video trend and leveraged the advantages video can bring. Madelon Eradus, resourcer for the Dutch pharmacy Trekpleister tells us about her experience with Video Intakes.

I now spend 60 seconds watching a video instead of having a phone call of 15 minutes. Also, fewer candidates that I place for an interview at the store are rejected!

A fun candidate journey

Madelon uses Video Intakes in the first stage of her recruitment process. The applicants for the job opening “sales employee” are asked to record a short motivational video. She also added an introduction video of herself to break the ice and to explain the job function. Madelon: “I receive many enthusiastic reactions from candidates. They are positively surprised about our modern recruitment approach. We approach our candidates via our mobile app and recording a video is something they find a fun thing to do!”. Even though recording a video is fun, the Video Intakes tool is not an obligation for the candidate. Madelon: “Of course there are always candidates who are not comfortable recording a video due to personal reasons. We give these candidates another possibility to express their motivation”. Besides that, it also speeds up the selection process. Madelon: “Watching a video of 60 seconds is much faster than calling the candidate”.

Making better matches

A short video can give a great first impression of the applicant and can hereby add value to your recruitment process. Madelon also experienced this advantage: “The video of 60 sec. gives me a better image of the candidate. I look at their presentation, how he/she talks, if they’re confident, and their motivation to work for Trekpleister.” With these traits, Madelon explains that she can make a better judgment if the candidate is a match with the job position and her firm.

The impact of video

At last, we asked Madelon if she saw any specific changes resulting from her personal use of Video Intakes. She definitely noticed the impact of video on her recruitment process. Madelon: “I now spend 60 seconds watching a video instead of having a phone call of 15 minutes. Also, fewer candidates that I place for an interview at the store are rejected!”.

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