Your own on-demand video interviewing solution

Empower your software with our video interviewing SDK and boost user experience and increase revenues.

On demand video recruitment (cross device)


To replace third party integrations, uncover new revenue, maintain control and create a competitive edge.

Our questionnaire SDK is a game-changing solution that empowers you to seamlessly integrate voice and video-enabled questionnaires into your software and workflows. By seamlessly integrating voice and video, you'll elevate user engagement, authenticity, and efficiency to new heights.

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Reasons to have your own:

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Boost revenues & profit:

Rather than continuously handing over a portion of your earnings to an outside supplier, you would operate on a pay-per-use basis. This will yield considerable cost reductions, thereby freeing up capital that you can channel back into different areas of your business.

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Flexibility and customisation:

It allows you to adapt the solution to your users' specific needs and seamlessly integrate with existing systems. This will improve user experience, boost satisfaction, and increase usage rates, giving you a competitive edge through a unique and superior user interface.

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Control and Security:

Enhanced control over the interviewing process, allowing for better troubleshooting, adaptability, and feature modifications. This in-house handling can increase data security by reducing dependence on external entities, thereby fostering user trust and loyalty to your brand.

Join the best in class.

We prioritize partnering with top software vendors, collaborating technically and commercially to enhance our combined value.

Technical documentation
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Customised User Experience

It allows tailoring of the solution(s) you create, ensuring a personalised and seamless user experience.

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It may have higher up-front costs but can result in significant long-term savings compared to recurring third-party provider fees.

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Increased Control

It offers more data privacy and security control, allowing companies to follow their own security protocols.

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Brand Consistency

It maintains brand consistency throughout the user experience, unlike directing users to different third-party platforms.

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It can be used for a variety of applications, including customer feedback and training, not just one specific use case.

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It can easily scale with business growth, supporting increasing interviewing needs without changing solutions or providers.

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