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We are a recruitment tech startup that focuses specifically on on demand video assessment, to get rid of all unnecessary ad-hoc communication that conflicts with people’s limited time and tight schedules.

Growing together

We’ve spent the last 8 years helping over 1.000.000 people through our integrated video technology.

We collaborate to provide our technology fully integrated with other software vendors to offer the best possible experience for recruitment professionals and people applying for a job.


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To make communication more reliable and efficient.

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& Mission

Make video a must have feature within the pre-selection of candidates.

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Authenticity & Trust

The quality of being real, genuine, and true to oneself. It means staying true to values, beliefs, and personality, even when faced with challenges and obstacles.

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Time & Availability

Are crucial for any business process. They must be effectively managed when scheduling people, resources and services.

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Fairness & Equal chances

The concept of treating everyone in an impartial and impartial manner, taking into account the unique circumstances and needs of each individual.

Our team

Dedicated, vibrant and ambitious.

Meet the professionals

Profile picture Joris

Joris Knulst

Head of product

Profile picture Aleff

Aleff Souza

Tech Lead

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Bram Tierie

Head of partnerships

Profile picture Bogdan

Bogdan Draghia

Full stack developer



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